10 Million USDT Adding to HyperBC Custody Scale

According to official news, HyperBC provides users with a solution for separating hot and cold wallets, combining HyperMate multi-signature and TSS technology to help users solve their concerns about fund security and speed up business development. Currently, the newly added custody amount reaches 10 million USDT. Its total custody reaches 13,000+BTC, the payment reaches $600,000,000+.
The main business of HyperBC includes asset custody, enterprise cloud wallet, payment and clearing, management&investment, HyperCard, credit business, etc. HyperBC owns three major brands: HyperPay, a crypto wallet, HyperFin, a crypto financial service provider, and CoinW, a crypto exchange. HyperBC provides safe and convenient asset custody services for every user.

Secure, transparent and efficient crypto asset custody and financial services platform