HBT Liquidity Mining Has Been Running for a Week, the Stablecoin Mining Pool Has Ended

After a long period of development, the DeFi set the whole industry by the ears this year and sounded the horn of the bull market. The lock-up amount of DeFi has continued to grow this year and has now exceeded $14 billion. Liquidity mining is one of the new concepts spawned by DeFi that by staking liquidity, you can earn mining revenue. This is a decentralized liquidity.

The spirit of DeFi is also in line with the development direction of HyperBC: HyperBC’s vision is to establish an open financial system that can be participated by everyone. In addition to the centralized financial model, a decentralized financial service model is created relied on advanced concepts and technologies, to provide open and transparent decentralized financial services for users.

Under this circumstance, HyperBC also intends to share the development results of HyperBC with the community, and will return the decentralized platform governance token HBT to the community. HBT (HyperBC Token) is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum, with a total of 1 billion. It can only be obtained by participating in crypto asset mining, lending business and insurance business in the financial ecology of the HyperBC. There’s no pre-mine, no crowd-raising. Its purpose is to help crypto currency users to carry out value storage, value circulation and value seeking. HBT holders can not only enjoy the corresponding rights and interests of the entire HBT ecosystem, but also participate in the planning and decision-making of HBT’s future development.

On November 23, 2020, HyperBC will launch HBT liquidity mining, with a total of 300 million HBT for mining. During the process of mining, users can also choose the lock-up time for obtaining delayed rewards. The longer the locking time is, the more HBT rewards will be obtained. Lock-up for 30 days, 60 days, and 180 days, the corresponding HBT reward is 1.2 times, 1.5 times, and 2.5 times. The HBT release speed is dynamically adjusted according to the development stage of the project, and the HBT is released according to the each block of Ethereum network.

Mining Rules

As of December 1, HyperBC Farm has been operating safely for a week, and its total assets currently amount to $1,201,410.

The first batch mining pool of HyperBC single-currency staking that lasted for one week supported currencies including: USDT, ETH, USDC, DAI.

In order to solve the current situation that the DeFI liquidity mining project is not friendly to users’ native mainstream assets other than Ethereum, to help users better enjoy DeFi dividends, and earn DeFi benefits, HyperBC cross-chains the user’s native Token to Ethereum for mining. Users can perform cross-chain operations in the HyperPay wallet to obtain hToken. The current existing dual currency staking pool HBT-USDT achieves the funds pool scale of: $59,673; the existing single currency staking pools are: hDash, hQTUM, hHPY, hHC.

Invitation Rebate Rules

When opening the liquidity mining page of HyperBC official website: https://www.hyperbc.com/, users can also click the bottom right corner to participate in the “Invite rebate” activity.

Users invite friends by sharing their exclusive links and QR codes, and will get 10% of the amount of HBT mined by friends as a rebate.

If an investor wants to earn a steady income, he can choose the single-currency staking mining with damage-free to the principal and additional HBT rewards. Users who participate in the first mining can seize more opportunities and enjoy the early HBT mining rewards. The earlier you participate, the higher the profit you can get. The HBT first mining will start soon, so stay tuned.



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