HyperBC New Business Scenario Expanded to Give the Eco Token More Value

HyperBC is a future-oriented crypto asset bank. HyperBC takes the task of “making assets safer and wealth more free”, providing asset owners with a full range of services such as asset storage, asset appreciation and asset trading. It is striving to build a secure, transparent and open world-class Blockchain bank. HyperBC’s businesses cover assets custody, merchant payment, clearing, financial service, HyperBC Card and credit business.

So far, HyperBC has hosted more than 13000+ BTC equivalent crypto assets, with a payment scale of $60000000+ and user scale of 3500000+, continuously creating value for users and providing more competitive services.

In the process of continuous advancement of its own business, HyperBC also pays attention to the hot DeFi trend. The emerging DeFi applications and the linear increase in capital lock-ups have proved that DeFi meets the current market development demands. In order to better create an open financial system in which everyone can participate, HyperBC team gradually enriches its own DeFi business by referring to the current specific development situation of DeFi.

Based on the existing financial services, HyperBC team has planned the future development direction of the DeFi business and updated the white paper. In the new white paper, HyperBC adds six core DeFi business segments:

1. Cross Chain Staking

HyperBC’s cross-chain staking function will break the existing staking that binds assets to the original public chain to realize the interconnection of tens of thousands of coins.

2. Liquidity Farming

HyperBC Farms is a way to generate reward by holding cryptocurrency. Users can lock their assets to get HBT rewards.

3. Hybrid Lending Protocol

HyperBC provides lending pool services such as h-Token, HBT, ETH, Dai, etc., and creates multiple independent lending pools.

4. Decentralized Stablecoin

Users can send transactions to the network to create a CDP (collateralized debt position) and collateralize the assets to a specific chain address. The collateralized assets will obtain stablecoins in accordance with the collateral ratio.

5. Income-boost Insurance

HyperBC’s insurance business issues non-fungible tokens (NFT) for each insurance policy. Policyholders staking NFT can obtain HBT mining rewards, the insurer can also get HBT rewards while enjoying the basic premium.

6. Earnings Aggregator

HyperBC Earn is an earnings aggregator that automatically screens the highest yields among DeFi products.

HBT (HyperBC Token) is a decentralized crypto asset issued by HyperBC. It is an ecological token circulating in HyperBC ecosystem, and its purpose is to help crypto currency users to carry out value storage, value circulation and value seeking. HBT holders can not only enjoy the corresponding rights and interests of the entire HBT ecosystem, but also participate in the planning and decision-making of HBT’s future development.

In order to better build a decentralized financial ecosystem, HyperBC will adopt a new HBT issuance mechanism and economic model. HBT was first planed to be issued pegging to BTC, now it can be obtained from liquidity farming, lending and insurance mining. The issuance mechanism is more fair and transparent.

In order to thank the early users who participated in the HBT mapping mining for their support of the HyperBC ecological construction, HyperBC decided to buy back and destroy the HBT at 1.2 times the issuance price. At that time, the HBT held by the user can be redeemed into BTC in the HyperPay wallet at 1.2 times the initial issuance price, for example: User A holds HBTs worth 1 BTC, then he can redeem and get 1.2 BTC in the HyperPay wallet.The specific rules are subject to the official announcement posted on HyperPay News.

The mapped hToken will be more widely used in the HyperBC DeFi ecosystem, such as cross-chain staking, liquidity farming, lending, and can redeem to the original assets through the protocol at any time.

HyperBC Team

October 28, 2020



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