HyperFin Official Website Launched

HyperFin’s official website has been officially launched a few days ago. As a globally renowned crypto financial service provider, HyperFin has reached strategic cooperation with a number of crypto hedge funds, crypto wallets, exchanges, mining companies, mining pools, etc., providing professional risk control services and assets management reaching tens of billions.

HyperFin holds the legal Asset Management License of Hong Kong and is regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to operate asset management services in compliance. Meanwhile, it focuses on the nature of the blockchain and the responsibility for investors. It also has the following five advantages:

Security and transparency: The asset transfer of the HyperFin investment fund is completed on the chain, and the deposit address, reserve address and collateral custody address are all public;

Fund tracing: In the whole cycle from deposit to withdrawal, the flow of funds is clear and can be checked, and the situation of `` private funds pool ‘’ is eliminated from the beginning;

Excess reserve: In addition to the fund’s own reserve, HyperFin has additionally set up a platform reserve to ensure the liquidity of the HyperFin fund and its ability to repay in special circumstances;

Automatic optimization: HyperFin fund dynamically optimizes the investment proportion according to the matching situation of the lending pool to ensure that the user’s profit is maximized;

Wealth display: HyperFin funds update key on-chain data such as custody address balances and fund lending ratios in real time, and summarize detailed financial data and make them public in the form of weekly reports. At the same time, HyperFin funds provides third-party audit reports quarterly.

Surrounded by the current complicated environment of crypto services, HyperFin can adhere to its original intention of providing investors with better services, and constantly requires itself to become an industry benchmark, constantly optimizing and innovating.

Its businesses launched include but are not limited to investment funds, PoS staking, crypto loan, and crypto custody, and HyperPay completely integrates its advantages into these businesses:

Lending: HyperFin is a trusted and compliant digital asset mortgage lending platform that holds the Hong Kong Money Lenders Licence and can legally operate lending services. The platform provides industry-leading matching depth and matching efficiency, which can realize the aggregation of loans for offline OTC, on-chain and off-chain digital currency wallets. The HyperFin loan matching platform is also highly scalable and can provide customized access services based on the needs of institutional users.

Funding: The wealth management funds issued by HyperFin include current and regular funds. Fund sales services are supported by digital currency wallets and exchanges such as HyperPay and CoinW. The wealth management products Coin Zengbao and Coin Winbao launched by partners have been well received by the market.

Mining: HyperFin Mining contains PoS staking and cloud mining. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with the world’s leading Staking public chain team, top mining machine companies and cloud mining platforms, providing users with rich mining options.

Custody: HyperFin Custody is a compliant digital asset custody service provider under HyperBC Super Bank. It holds a Hong Kong regional trust license and can operate digital asset custody and trust services in compliance. HyperFin custody business has a bank-level security level, and has comprehensive KYC and AML policy and compliance management capabilities.

Risk warning: Crypto is a high-risk investment method. Investors are advised to purchase with caution and pay attention to the investment risks. HyperFin will continue to provide you with better products and better services.



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