Integrating Ecological Resources, HyperBC Issues Eco Token :HBT

On July 13, 2020, HyperBC Group, which has multiple ecological scenarios such as the well-known exchange CoinW, the digital wallet HyperPay, and the digital asset financial service platform HyperFin, has issued its ecological token HBT. HBT is applicable to all scenarios of HyperBC’s business, to promote the all-round development of the platform ecosystem, and provide holders with digital financial service experiences such as rigid redemption, bound-less payment, revenue dividends, and mortgage loan.

HBT equity

Crypto Asset Custody, a Starting Point

As all the information shown on CoinMarketCap, crypto assets are already a big market worth about $250 billion. Benefiting from it unprecedented prosperity, traditional hedge funds, family trust funds, wealth funds, etc. all have begun to allocate a large number of crypto assets. Whether individuals or institutions, the management and custody requirements of crypto assets have significantly increased, so that crypto asset intelligence investment advisory and custody have become new outlets.

HyperBC is a future-oriented crypto asset bank designed to provide enterprise-level customers with crypto asset trading, storage and management services. It becomes a full ecological platform covering mines, mining pools, wallets, exchanges, financial service providers, etc. So far, HyperBC has hosted more than 13000+ BTC equivalent crypto assets, with a payment scale of $60000000+ and user scale of 3500000+. It has owned the relevant financial licenses of the United States, Singapore and other countries. In the future, HyperBC will continue to apply for financial licenses from other countries, to adhere to legal and compliant operation and development, providing safer, more professional, and more compliant crypto asset services for global users.

HyperBC employs multi-level secure storage scheme and uses the HSM bank level security protection and KMS multi signature mechanism to effectively protect the private key security. Its AI risk control engine provides users with AI risk detection, real-time risk control pre-warning, and ensures the safety of the system through multi factor recognition technology such as face recognition and fingerprint recognition. In the meantime, the technologies of obtaining true random number and verification QR code is combined to add a stronger security protection.

The vision of HyperBC is to establish a decentralized financial system that can be participated by everyone by continue to integrate the resource advantages of HyperPay, HyperFin, and CoinW. It also aims to establish a credit system applied in the field of cryptocurrency in combination with various cryptocurrency banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional financial institutions around the world, which can not only cover the credit system of traditional financial institutions, but also can obtain user’s asset information and loan records from the Blockchain network to form a comprehensive credit information for enterprises and individuals.

Unique BTC-Pegged Mechanism

HBT (HyperBC Token) is a decentralized crypto asset issued by HyperBC. It is an ecological token circulating in HyperBC ecosystem, and its purpose is to help crypto currency users to carry out value storage, value circulation and value seeking. HBT holders can not only enjoy the corresponding rights and interests of the entire HBT ecosystem, but also participate in the planning and decision-making of HBT’s future development.

As an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum, HBT had a total of 1 billion. Its value is pegged to BTC. It can only be obtained by participating in crypto asset mining, crypto currency investment and other businesses in the financial ecology of the HyperBC. There’s no pre-mining, no team incentives. HBT users can redeem HBT to BTC at any time on the officially certified platform at a redemption price. In the future, users can also obtain HBT through the secondary market.

HBT’s equity pool represents the accumulation of equity of HBT holders. According to the amount of funds in the HBT equity pool and the total amount of HBT’s issuance, HyperBC provides the lowest price guarantee of rigid redemption for HBTs issued. For the use of funds in the equity pool, HyperBC adopts a community-autonomous approach. HBT holders can vote to decide to use the funds for, including (but not limited to) buyback and destruction, and airdrop dividends.

HBT is issued in two phases:

Phase 1: HBT establishes value consensus through price anchoring with BTC. HBT uses BTC as the anchor currency. Every new HBT token minting will deposit the anchored amount of BTC into the HBT equity pool. In other words, the speed of HBT issuance is determined by HyperBC’s ecological revenue and BTC price. When the circulation of HBT reaches a certain number and a value consensus is broadly formed, HBT will enter Phase 2 through a community referendum.

Phase 2: The price of HBT will be de-pegged from BTC, and HBT will be operated in the form of complete community autonomy. In phase 2, HyperBC will move from the current semi centralized finance to the decentralized finance, and HBT will also evolve into a dual-token model at this stage. Pass 1 is the equity token, and phase 2 is the circulation token pegged to BTC.

Users participating in crypto asset mining under HyperBC’s brands and partner institutions can receive HBT rewards. The first phase to obtain HBT is through h-Token Staking, which is jointly launched by HyperBC in conjunction with HyperPay, HyperFin, and CoinW. In the next stage, HyperBC is planed to launch the HBT convertible bond investment fund.

HyperBC works with millions of users in the community to accelerate the iteration of its own business content and provide better decentralized financial services for the crypto industry. Thus, HBT ecological inner system is improved, HBT is given more value, and the rights and interests of HBT holders are protected. A new era of HBT starts.



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