Statement on the Unofficial Copies of Our Official Website

HypeBC officials have recently discovered that some criminals are trying to commit fraud by personating to be HyperBC. In this regard, HyperBC makes the following statement:

HyperBC official website is: , the fake “HyperBC” websites are listed below. Please be cautious that the following websites have no connection with the company.

The list of fake websites includes but is not limited to:

HyperBC reminds users to be vigilant to prevent losses due to browsing fake HyperBC websites. Please keep your personal account information properly. Hyperbc reserves the right to take any legal action against all fraudulent websites operating in our company name.

HyperBC is an industry-leading crypto asset custody service provider. It holds a compliant crypto asset custody license to provide enterprises with the most secure asset custody services and payment solutions. Its core products include HyperPay wallet, HyperCard crypto debit card, Hpay payment and so on.



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